John E. Gray, ET

John Gray serves as manager of the field services department at Bowser-Morner’s Dayton, Ohio headquarters.  He is also the company’s Radiation Safety Officer as well as a member of The Safety Committee.  John serves as the chairman of the xecutive committee for the Dayton chapter of the Ohio Contractor’s Association.  John has a BS degree in Construction Engineering Technology and an AS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toledo.

John started with Bowser-Morner in 2013 as the assistant manager and trained under Dennis Ream who was the department manager at the time.  John performs scheduling, prepares proposals, reviews field and lab reports, and reviews project billing.  John also maintains training records and performs reviews of his department staff.

John’s department works diligently to fully understand our clients’ needs.  Many times, an owner client is being told of needed inspections at the time of permitting but does not fully understand what is involved.  John’s local experience helps educate owner clients so that the services performed will provide the needed documentation for the local building official.  

John considers himself a field guy and his 17+ years of field experience on a wide variety of projects help him to understand real solutions to challenges in the field.  One unique project he is proud to have been a part of is the Crossover Taxiway Bridge at Port Columbus Airport.  The bridge was unique in that it was a post tensioned, variable depth cast in place structure with integral abutments spanning 220 feet with a load rating of nearly 900,000 pounds.  He was the lead inspector for the project which included drilled shafts, extensive reinforcing steel and post tensioning inspection as well as over 9000 CY of high performance concrete.  This type of experience helps him understand and relate to his field technician’s needs for different types of support throughout a project.

John is responsible for a crew of experienced field technicians providing a variety of construction observation and materials testing services.  These services include soil, concrete, masonry, asphalt and steel materials testing, special inspections according to the Ohio Building Code.

John also helps clients with forensic field evaluations including investigating premature pavement failures, slab cracking, and soil settlement.  His evaluations and provided conclusions are supported by laboratory testing and the experience of in-house engineers and experts in the field.

John and his wife Jackie have four active children.  He enjoys helping coach his kids’ sports teams, fishing, collecting baseball cards, and vacationing with family.

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